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Silent Schiedam is a social music platform, based on silent disco, that lives on the internet and is extended in the Hoogstraat (Schiedam, NL). The platform is the home for the Schiedam music-enthousiast and unites people in the city centre, trough a web application.

At the platform's base lies a unique recurring event that's organised throughout the Hoogstraat. Every empty premise hosts a local DJ or musician on a stage. Stages are open to everyone, be it a bedroom DJ or a grandpa and his collection of Blue Note Records.

All the livestreams are collected in a real-time feed served by the online app, where everyone can plug in with their own headphones to recreate the silent disco effect.

Our app is written in modern web-technology - using react, node and firebase - which allowed us to disguise it as a native application when installing on the homescreen.

To fit modern design on cross-platform devices we opted to create a clean, calm and simple icon for the user's homescreen. The icon itself is based of the gradient that returns throughout the app, in combination with the first letter from our alliteration 'Silent Schiedam' that is used in our logotype.

Team: Thibault Maekelbergh, Kevin Meyvaert, Lotte Bijlsma