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What is RadioPlus?

RadioPlus is the online cross-device radio application from the Flemish public service broadcasting network. The initial version was launched late 2012. Early 2016, the platform was updated, but many promised features were still missing.


Turn RadioPlus into a relevant digital product.


Today there are 6 radio-apps available in Flanders. Each radio station has it's own app on the App Store. Studio Brussels, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara & MNM. Next to these station-specific apps there's RadioPlus.

The confusing thing for me and many users is that all those apps are identical to one another, the only thing different is the app-icon. You can basically use the Studio Brussels app to listen to Radio 1 and vice versa.

To avoid confusion and unify communication on all stations, I'll be focusing on RadioPlus as the only digital radio app available. 1 platform that houses all VRT brands.


Before I started creating a solution for RadioPlus I questioned 130 people through an online questionnaire. The main insights I gathered were:

  • Listening to radio is a secondary action. People listen to the radio when they're working, commuting, doing something else.
  • Most people are familiar using other online music services like Spotify, Youtube & Apple Music.
  • Discovering music is the main reason why people listen to the radio, followed by news bulletins and real-time traffic information.

Make it Yours.

Radio is a great platform for discovering music. However, now we're usually stuck using a a secondary app to recognize a track or need something to write down the artist & track title.

I introduced a new section to the app called Mijn RadioPlus (My RadioPlus). It requires you to login using a social platform and enables you to take RadioPlus to the next level: See favorited tracks and export them to a Spotify playlist, manage your Apple Watch glances to get your most-used functions at your wrist,..

Get personalized notifications when a station is playing your favorited track, and you might just discover that Radio 1 isn't all dull chatter about economics ;)

One Touch.

My version of RadioPlus combines customizable user settings & machine learning to analyse patterns and offer relevant content and options when you want it even before you know you want it. Right at your fingertips!

Just ask!

Most people are listening to the radio when they're doing a different task, like driving the car. During those tasks your eyes can't always turn toward your screen, so I have integrated Siri right into RadioPlus!