FestiVolCruiser App

I made this little React Native app for Nele & Bouba (de Festivolhouder) to track who's driving, just in case they get speeding tickets.
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From January until May 2017 I interned at WorkAmerica in Washington DC. During my stay, I worked on several web and motion projects.
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EXW: Eighties Synth

As final assignment for experimental web, I had to make a project for Chrome experiments using several experimental web technologies.
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EXI: Lumihoop

As final assignment in your last programming course, you will make an installation for kids, to be used in the youth film festival's medialab.
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CMDIII: RadioPlus

My attempt to make RadioPlus into a relevant digital product. Devine assignment for Cross Media Design III.
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Major IV: Silent Schiedam

Silent Schiedam is a social music platform, based on silent disco, that lives on the internet and is extended in the Hoogstraat.
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Native: Komono iPad App

For the course native development I created a native iPad App for Komono's Baloji sunglasses collection.
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CMDII: Short Film Festival Leuven

For Cross Media Design II we had to redesign the website for Short Film Festival Leuven. I delivered design and a clickable mockup.
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Generation What?

The first ever trans-media project bringing together 15 EU Members to create the first ever profile of young people from across Europe.
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Rampage 2016

For Rampage 2016 I did the editing for several announcement-video's. These video's were shared on all Rampage Social media streams.
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Jeuk VZW

Jeuk VZW's website needed a 2016 facelift. I opted for a clean responsive, future-proof design with focus on content.
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